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Depression 101
Dr. Carolyn Daitch
Restorative Sleep
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Magnetizing Yourself
Dr. Joe Rubiino
Helen Adrienne, LCSW
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“I especially loved how you say you can’t do this wrong!  I sat down, downloaded the music, got my headphones, and jumped in…Within a minute of having the music going, tears were rolling down my face, and I’m not one to cry.  I can’t wait to continue this journey and want to thank you for giving me this very special opportunity to work on my wounds." 
"My first experience with this book and the soundtrack was truly remarkable and powerful…Images have continued to pop into my mind all day - new, sometimes surprising connections, "a-ha" moments where I see where a piece of a long-mulled-over puzzle finally might fit.  I can't quite put my finger yet on how exactly I feel changed by what I experienced -but I do -  it was that new & different & profound for me.  It was truly awesome and has filled me with hope for the future."

Dr. Carolyn Daitch
The Very Best 8 Tips for Restorative Sleep
Excerpted and adapted from:
Anxiety Disorders: Go-to-Guide for Clients and Therapists
Dr. Abigail Brenner
The Bridge Meditation
Pam Lawhorne
The Social Entrepreneur - Get More Traffic. Attract More Clients. Make More Money
Helen Adrienne
Audio for an Unusual Hiatus from Stress

More feedback from IGNITE THE GENIUS WITHIN readers:

“The soundtrack relaxes you and minimizes the endless chatter in your head so you are more open to hearing (or seeing) the messages your creative genius is sending from your subconscious mind.  I have found that if I just relax, breathe, and trust myself, my intuition leads me to exactly the page I need..”


“I was drawn to the picture of the homeless man under the pile of garbage.  At first nothing much happened, I was just feeling really relaxed, and then all of a sudden I got hit with this huge blast of a memory I had totally forgotten…It felt great.  It was like a huge burden lifted.  I’m looking forward to doing other pages.”


“The picture of the ripples in the pond gave me hope. I have spent over an hour with your sample sound track and I am in a new place and want to experience these thoughts more.  I think joy and laughter surfaced as the dominant words as I let myself experience your images and sound.” 


“I finally got around to my first session with Ignite the Genius Within, after months of procrastinating because I was afraid nothing would happen.  It was a very interesting and amazing experience after all, with some powerful and affecting imagery. It left me thinking about it for hours afterwards! It feels like something is happening below the surface every time I do the process, and I just observe without needing to make too much sense of things.”


“I have practiced meditation for a long I go into a trance easily.  However...the deep meditations that I go into with your visual and audio guide are more meaningful, and directed.  I feel like I am going to the heart of the matter, and there is clarity in the process.”   

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein
The Truth (I'm a Girl, I'm Smart and I Know Everything)
Ebook version
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and Wellness System for Today
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Christy Whitman
Magnetizing Yourself
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Expand With Love~ A Guide to Recognizing Love
in the Midst of Change
Kathy Perry
  52 Social Media Tips
Nadia Sahari
Chapter from Bestseller, Breakaway - Grandfather's Room
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The Seven Reflections For Embracing Life

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“I have used Ignite the Genius Within for about a month now. The results are magical. Most notable are the changes that I have seen in myself at work. One person can start something good that lets in a crack of light and draws other people to it. Ignite the Genius Within uses modern technology and psychology to bring about positive results fast.”
Lanaia Lee
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Chapter 1 of book, Of Atlantis
Laura Lester Fournier
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The Secret of Successful Failing

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Chapterof the Best-Selling book, Looking, Seeing & Knowing.
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What Couples Knead
5 Ways to Spice up Your Relationship & Keep Him Happy

A Big Thank You to Denise Cassino
for Coordinating this Fabulous launch.
“I had been in therapy for 25 years, and done all kinds of exercises to lose this albatross that was dragging me down. It was gone in an hour using the simple technique described in the book! I don't have to understand why or how it works, I only had to invest a little over an hour to have a huge breakthrough! Months later, I can honestly say I have not been in such a great space since my childhood. I am clear, focused and happy!”
“After reading Ignite the Genius Within, I've realized that my illness was actually beautiful.  I am entranced by its possibilities for me.  I found the soundtrack waves touched my head and my heart. I want more.  I’ve needed to re-establish or maybe learn for the first time that I have much more control of my life than I think I have. The book and  soundtrack give me a sense I can bring the good in me closer to the surface and start choosing to stop the negative thoughts
that had become more dominant in my life.”
Guy Finley
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“I sat in my office on a recent evening and the whole experience was amazing. The music resonated in my ears as I flipped through the pages of IGNITE and at once it brought me a sense of anticipation and wonder and yet calm to the point of relief.  It is telling me I have only begun to touch upon what lies in front of me as it is quite simply, never too late.  Thank you for the reminder that indeed all things are possible." 
“For me I think what is most helpful is to acknowledge that I’ve had some trauma in my life and that surviving it is not the same as processing it and addressing the scar tissue so to speak.  I am lucky but I have lost sight of this and it has made me so negative. Thank you for opening a window back into my own gifts that were right in front of me all along.   Life is amazing.” 
Sylvia Bucek
Flight Manual: 2012, A New Beginning
Stefanie Smith
Acting the Part: Ignite Your Star Presence at Work.

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Vibration Elevation Formula

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Intro & First Chapter of This is Your Brain on Sports